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Our Services

You want the best and we’re prepared to deliver it. You don’t have to settle for traditional methods. Theta is here. We’ve combined our rich history of land and building surveying, data acquisition and data analysis with a team of technical experts and technology. The results are the services below. Let us know how we can best serve you.

Goals & Strategy

Project Analysis

We take extra preparation in the beginning phase of a project, to make sure that the data is collected in a manner that the end product will be what our clients need to accomplish their projects .

Survey & Collection

Aerial LiDAR

Our Velodyne LiDAR system can capture 750,000 points per second with 1-3 cm of accuracy.

Digital Modeling

Geospatial Solutions

We utilize data. Our geospatial solutions technicians are able to create virtual replications of almost any environment.


Video & Photography

Our in house video production team can tell your job site success story.

Goals & Strategy

Thermal Imaging

From roof inspections to search and rescue missions, we are here to provide your aerial thermal imaging services.

Survey & Collection

Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning

Utilizing our Leica P-20 3D Laser Scanner we can scan 1 million points per second.  We can deliver more than just a point cloud.  We have in house technicians that can deliver your laser scan in the format you need.

Confined Space Inspection

Confined Space Inspection

Theta UAV can inspect an internal tank or confined space in a fraction of the time of traditional access methods. Using UAV technology as a screening tool means assets can be inspected quickly, so time consuming and expensive advanced inspection or maintenance activities can be avoided.

Survey & Collection

Inspection Services

Integrating state of the art technologies, advanced software, and highly trained specialists, Theta UAV delivers the most comprehensive precision inspections in the industry.  Theta UAV utilizes GIS, BIM Modeling, 42 Mega Pixel technology, Flir Thermal Imaging products, 6K videography, laser scanning, and an array of industry leading software ensuring a fully customized solution.


Theta UAV did a fantastic job providing us with Aerial LiDAR data which was crucial to our topographic survey we created for our biggest client.

Sam Pociask - GIS Specialist

We worked with Theta UAV and McMAHON Group on project that was projected to take five years. They accomplished it in three months. I would highly recommend their services.

Isaiah Wells - Variant Productions, LLC

Using Theta’s 3D laser scanning equipment helped us get very detailed data information on our Neenah, WI office location. This data helped us analyze how we are going to put an addition on our office facility, along with reworking the inside.

TJ Lamers - Project Manager